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Hi. Welcome to, Gemstone Traders,” soon to become the Gemstone Industry’s first point of call, when it comes to selling or purchasing gemstones from around the world. On the Gemstone Traders site you will find a vast range of gemstones from every corner of the globe, including rough stone, cut stones, jewellery set gems, specimens and more.

Gemstone Traders is a website that has been many, many years in the development. The idea was formed back in the early 2000’s when the founder, Greg McKay needed ideas on how to take his, - then, small, opal - mining business in Queensland, Australia. to the world. This idea went from whole sale distribution to owning many retail opal and gemstone shops in Australia and overseas. Along the way, value adding to the gems by setting up jewellery manufacturing and the like. The stepping stone towards the creation of Gemstone Traders did not come about by the success of other websites Greg developed to sell his gems, rather it was the opposite...



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