About Gemstone traders

Hi. Welcome to "Gemstone Traders,” soon to become the gemstone industry’s first point of call, when it comes to selling or purchasing gemstones from around the world. On the Gemstone Traders site you will find a vast range of gemstones from every corner of the globe, including rough stones, cut stones, jewellery set gems, specimens and more.


The Evolution of Gemstone Traders

Gemstone Traders is a website that has been many, many years in the development. The idea was formed back in the early 2000’s when the founder, Greg McKay needed ideas on how to take his, small (at the time) opal-mining business in Queensland, Australia, to the world. This idea went from wholesale distribution to owning many retail opal and gemstone shops in Australia and overseas. Along the way, Greg began jewellery manufacturing and processing to add value to his gems. The stepping stone towards the creation of Gemstone Traders did not come about by the success of other websites Greg developed to sell his gems, rather it was the opposite. Greg found that conventional websites and their marketing strategies required a lot of time, effort, and money with little return. The ever evolving internet makes it very easy for your website to get lost amongst the millions. Attempts at solving this issue pathed the way for the creation of Gemstone Traders, soon to become the greatest gemstone sales platform on earth.


Gemstone Traders’“Points of Difference”

There are several very important things to remember about the gemstone Traders’ site.


Advantages for the Seller 

1. Very easy to navigate the site.

2. Monthly membership is the only cost:

    $29.95 for up to 30 listings per month

    $99.95 for up to 200 listings per month

3. Zero percentages charged on any sales. Zero extras, no hidden fees or charges.

4. Ability to promote and advertise your own website from the Gemstone Traders’ site, with links to go off-site to your personal site. Buyers can search for and access all sellers profiles and contact them directly, using the contact details the sellers provide.



Advantages for the Purchaser

1. Easy to navigate the site.

2. The ability to access gemstones from around the world at cheaper prices due to sellers lower rates and little overheads, allowing even the smallest businesses and miners to market to the world.

3. Direct access to the seller’s website.

4. Direct relationship with seller to be able to continue to do deals away from the Gemstone Traders’ site.


About the Team

The Gemstone Traders’ team is made up of dedicated gemstone industry professionals who are committed to both the sellers and buyers receiving a win-win outcome. Our website developers and site maintenance technicians are the best in the business, ensuring the Gemstone Traders’ platform is working the way it should, to make your experience on the site the best it can be.


Seller Standards

Preferred Sellers, All sellers go through an investigation criteria before being accepted as one of our Preferred Sellers. These checks are by way of

  • Website checks
  • References
  • Facebook and references followed up, Facebook home page checks.
  • And other google searches.